Welcome To

HER Hotel & Trade Center Balikpapan


Firstly, on behalf of the staff and our management I would like to extend to you a very warm welcome to the HER HOTEL & Trade Center Balikpapan, Valued Hotel, here in Balikpapan., Borneo Island


The hotel it is a great honor and privilege to have you here with us. Our teams are looking forward to being of service to you throught your stay.


Balikpapan is the most famous island in the world which poeple called with "Oil Of The City". Balikpapan is a mix between marvelous city and experience its astonishing historical, cultural, and artistic treasures. Balikpapan also present the perfect blend of modern and combination ethnic & Culture cross borneo island enjoy a wide range of jungle & water sport theme parks, and attractions..... Allow yourself to pampered Iour world class spas..... Dine in some of the world's finest restaurant..... immerse yourself in a vibrant club scene.




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